According to a study conducted by a Boston marketing firm, the average American burns 55 minutes a day - roughly 12 weeks a year - looking for things they know they own but can'tfind.
– Newsweek
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Teine “Dana” Kenney, CPO ®

Teine "Dana" Kenney

As Founder of California’s leading professional organizing company, Teine (pronounced Dana) Kenney wants to help Americans de-clutter their lives in order to enjoy what’s most important to them.

Teine radiates optimism, respect and empathy – never judging or condemning her clients. Her clients, many among Hollywood’s elite, praise her work - claiming it life changing - and call her a friend. Her enthusiasm for an organized and simpler life is contagious. She sees her mission in life as helping people get the clutter out of their life, to make time and space for what’s important to them. According to Teine, being disorganized is not a moral flaw. It's a collection of flawed systems and bad habits that keep people less productive than they could be.

As a single mother of four, the responsibility of multi-child demands helped Teine discover her natural gifts of organization. For nine years, her daughter, Ellen, courageously battled a brain tumor that ultimately took her life at age 14. In the midst of managing tragedy, healthcare, 38 surgeries and three more children, Teine’s organization skills brought order from chaos and peace from tragedy. She has learned first-hand how hard it is to let go of sentimental belongings and helps coach her clients through such a process with gentle encouragement.

A California native and a graduate of UCLA, Teine is a former professional chef (visualize plate-spinning) and a successful business consultant. Business clients include Röckenwagner Restaurant, KooKooRoo Industries, Jacoby & Meyers Law Offices and BizRate.com.

In addition to Certified Professional Organizer, CPO ®, Teine holds six Certificates of Study in Chronic Disorganization from the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization. She is an engaging and motivational public speaker and as an organizer, she is patient and inspiring while being firmly committed to her clients’ goals.

Teine is one of the nation’s first Certified Professional Organizers, CPO®. In April, 2007 she was recognized by the National Association for Professional Organizers (www.napo.net), as one of the inaugural class awarded this prestigious title.